What's new and better than in other servers?

*We use probabilistic battle engine, it means that battles doesn't put a big load on our servers and battle result always is fair and correct, to be sure of battle result please simulate it multiple times.
*Ogame private server community is full with scripts that are written by one programmer, this script is written by me and one another guy. That means that there are no exploits that others are aware of.
*We have a lot of new features: new Statistics page, new Achievements system, fully working premium page, abillity to save coordinates and messages, automatised expedition system, etc.
*We have new ships, also all ship power and rapidfires are revaluated for balanced play, also big ships are stronger per resource than small, but slower.
*Ship building speed is limited to X units per second, it gives a new tactical challenge for players who are used to build everything instantly.
*Forget about stuck fleets, lost resources, cheaters and other things. We've fixed all of those problems.
*And much more for you to explore!